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In the metalworking processes, the goal is the creation of new shapes using metal parts. These processes include operations such as cutting, drawing, turning, punching, threading, reaming, grooving, polishing and heat treatment. This operation often involves the contact of two metal parts, tool and work piece. Therefore, in metalworking processes, phenomena, such as high friction, high temperature, and tool wear can be observed. As a result, lubrication and cooling in metalworking operations affect both the performance and the effectiveness of metalworking processes as well as the overall efficiency of production operations.

Due to various metalworking operations and different conditions, such as temperature and pressure on the parts and the intensity of heat generated in each of these operations, the lubricant used should be selected according to the type of process.

Accordingly, Khonak Kar Sepahan Production Unit has produced and supplied various types of metalworking oils:


  • Cutting oil
  • Reaming oil
  • Drawing oil
  • Honing oil
  • Evaporative punch oil
  • Quenching liquid
  • Forging oil



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