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Maintaining the car appearance is one of the most important concerns of its owners. The body, and especially the color of the car, is one of the manifestations of beauty and, at the same time, is one of the most vulnerable component of the car because various factors, such as weather conditions, scratches due to collisions with other vehicles, and contact with external objects, can constantly affect its quality. Therefore, the color of the car body loses its radiance over time and becomes opaque.

One of the best ways to make a car look attractive is to use polish. The use of polish not only removes surface scratches, but can restore the brightness and clarity of the car paint.

For this purpose, Pishgaman Fidar Spadana production unit has designed and produced two types of polishes:

Soft Polish


Soft polish is a white paste product that has abrasive and shiny properties (more).

Hard Polish


Hard polish is also a paste product, is more abrasive than the soft polish, and can act like a sandpaper (more)

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