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Textile industry is one of the most widely used and advanced industries in the world. This industry includes various operations such as melt spinning, yarn spinning, knitting, and sewing. Generally, pure or water-soluble industrial oils are used in the production of natural and synthetic fibers, fabrics, and yarns. These oils soften yarns and fabrics and prevent the generation of static electricity over the fibers. In fact, these oils greatly reduce the friction between the fibers and the contact surfaces in the textile machines during the manufacturing process and prevent rupture due to fiber stretching.

Pishgaman Formula Sepahan production unit produces three types of oils required by the textile industry:


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Pishgaman Fidar Spadana Company, with more than a decade of activity in the field of supply and sale of chemicals and consumables, serves artisans and manufacturers active in various industries, including metalworking, turning, textile and related industries.

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